Thank God I woke up and didn't come to

This is a "day at a time" program. The first gift we get each day is waking up without a hangover. We actually "wake up" because we went to sleep the night before without passing out drunk, stoned, or stressed out from other addictive behaviors. We don't "come to" because we passed out. Passing out is not even real sleep. It's fretful delirium. The best antidote to bad feelings like the "poor me's" and fear, anger, perfectionism, resentment, boredom, and even fearing that our success will end is gratitude, and gratitude for "waking up" is a great way to start our day. You can always restart your day anytime. Gratitude will help reduce cravings.


Restart your day by quickly thanking God by praying, "Thanks for letting me wake up and not come to."