When you open up, they open up.

Sobriety involves practicing the 12th step which includes helping others. Often if I open up to someone else about an issue I have, they are more likely to open up and share with me. Perhaps this is because the other person no longer feels ALONE. This connection helps the other person and me. For example, I took a chance and recently opened up about being a victim of spousal abuse, and I was surprised when two other people reported that they had been similarly abused. This took a lot of courage for me to bring up. I was also careful to open up about it in a SAFE place (in an online forum where I was completely anonymous). Opening up in a safe place is a reason why AA meetings are helpful because, obviously, AA consists of people in recovery from alcoholism. Whenever I share about my alcoholism, it makes it easier for someone else to talk about their problem and thus solutions emerge. 



Today I'm going to take a chance and share something personal about me. This will get it off of my chest and also perhaps help someone else. I wll take care to do so in a safe place and with safe people, but I won't let shame or fear stop me from sharing.