There really is a step for that

Take any issue in your life. Think about how you used to handle it while you were drinking or using. Not a good result, huh?

Now, ask yourself what step (of the 12 steps) can you apply to your current issue. Sometimes it's actually best to start with step 4 to determine what character defect is causing you to struggle. Then you can get rid of that defect by doing steps 5-7.

Sometimes you might decide that over-controlling is a problem. Then, step 1 applies because step 1 reminds us that we can't control people, places, and things.

Perhaps you are caught up in too many wants. Then step 3 will remind you to turn your life and will over to the care of your Higher Power.

Applying the steps to issues will reduce stress and worry and help you make better decisions. It will also keep little things from building up, leaving you overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, and leading you to want to escape by drinking or using.


Today, I will try to live according to the 12 steps. I will also try to see if a particular step will relieve a problem, and I will also try applying each step beginning with step one to specific problems.

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