Wear The World Like A Loose Garment

Turn something that may be stressful and sobriety threatening into something humorous. Relax. So what if you got a bad haircut. You don’t have to be disappointed or go through the seven stages of death. Nothing is going to put that hair back on your head but time.“Wear the world like a loose garment” is a very relaxing motto. It means that you should try to be comfortable when life throws its little nuisances at you. Don’t allow the world to close in on you and choke you. Make a conscious effort to accept life and not resist life because if you resist, problems persist. Dont be jealous because everybody, regardless of wealth and health, has daily problems. Don’t turn problems into drama. Don't turn someone else's character defect into a resentment. Don’t turn comedy into tragedy. An exercise I do now on an almost daily basis is to become aware when I am getting upset because I am not getting my way. One thing I do is to make believe I am in a movie. I try to imagine how the audience would be responding to my predicament. Nine times out of ten, the audience would be laughing. They would not be laughing sadistically, but they would be laughing because my predicament is truly funny. My predicament is a comedy because most of my predicaments are not permanently harmful to me. Sure they may cost me some time, money or ego gratification, but ultimately most of my dramas are truly funny, and I can only see their humor once I am able to put myself in the audience. Now I frequently end up laughing rather than crying. Seeing the comedy makes me a lighter, happier person. I recently turned 55. I had a real problem with 55. My wife knew I had been working out harder than ever in an effort to resist what I perceived as getting old. She bought me a new pair of exercise pants. I wore them to the gym where I spent hours torturing myself trying to lift weights that were too heavy for me but not “for that 20 year old” linebacker who always showed up in the gym when I did. That day, two sexy 20 year old female personal trainers were also working out. I thought I looked pretty good in my new exercise pants. I kind of strutted around during my workout, spending a lot of time walking in front of the gals, proud of my new young looking, stylish exercise pants. I may be 55, I thought, but I still can dress in style. After my workout, I went into the locker room and took my pants off to take a shower. I noticed I had forgotten to remove the store tags which were sticking about three inches out of the rear pocket on that plastic string that makes the tags not only clearly noticeable but reminiscent of a huge flag. I immediately felt embarrassed. Then, I mentally shifted into my movie and joined the audience. You can imagine the laugh I had. I later told my wife about it, and we laughed together.


Instead of letting little things disappoint you today, use detachment, ego reduction and humor to “wear the world like a loose garment” (and not like tight exercise pants with tags). When you wear the world like a loose garment you will be less self conscious.