Don’t Fight the Flow

“Don’t fight the flow” means don’t deny it when you have a problem or even a feeling like anger. This saying directs us to face problems, not argue that they don’t exist. So what is this flow? It is, obviously, life. Life is a flow of events which are unpredictable and all too often apparently unwanted, as in the saying, “Shit happens.” We are all subjected to this flow everyday - most often with little problems. The key is to accept the problem, then respond positively by not turning a little thing into a big thing. Problems tend to resolve in stages, so exercise patience as you take care of problems as best you ca. Keep the drama out of it by remembering the big picture that you are OK. Of course, there are times when you can't do anything and then you let it be. We always have options so long as we don’t deny what is happening. So, not fighting the flow keeps you in a good state of mind because you aren’t fighting life, you are dealing positively with it. When you feel good, you will be able to not use.


Exercise acceptance. Do the next right thing according to the four absolutes: Honesty, Purity, Love, and Unselfishness. If you are doing this, know you are doing your best so pat yourself on the back.