Read the black part not the white part

"Read the black part not the white part and especially the part that leans over."

If you are getting tired of your recovery program, try reading the Big Book again. It is a great way to recharge your program. If you have been fighting the principles of recovery or if you are new, try reading the Big Book with a completely open mind and without injecting any philosophies that you may have accepted while you were drinking or drugging. It might help to remind yourself that your beliefs may have contributed to your addiction. You don't have to accept any one else's idea of a Higher Power. But it is strongly suggested that you carefully read the Basic Text or Big Book of your 12 step program and give the 12 steps an open minded honest try. We addicts like to put our own spin on things. We like to interpret things so that they mean what we want them to mean. In recovery, we must let go of this control. We must read the words, not use the words to reinforce our own prior conceptions.


Read the basic text or the Big Book or whatever the text is for your 12 step program. Try doing a paragraph each morning. Study it. It is supposed to be a textbook. The shortest sentence in the Big Book is, "It works."