An Attitude of Gratitude is the best defense

The best defense against frustration and sadness is an attitude of gratitude. I just make a list of five things I am grateful for whenever I am starting to feel angry, offended or as if life isn't fair or things never go my way, or whatever it is that is making me feel bad. Items that have been on my list are being free from pain, having enough food, having shelter, being able to walk out my front door without fear of being shot at, having my sight, my limbs, and not having killed anyone yet because of my alcoholism.


Especially on a day like today when my baseball game got rained out, I am going to write down five things I am  grateful for and put the list in my wallet and look at it later if I start to feel frustrated or dissatisfied again. Maybe I can't play baseball, but I am thankful for this app, for my dog, for waking up without a hangover, for other addicts who support me in the SoberTool Forum, for freedom from pain, and shelter from the rain. What are you grateful for?