Get comfortable being uncomfortable

If you are angry or frustrated or otherwise uncomfortable psychologically or physically, this is not unusual particularly in early recovery. Discomfort is to be expected because you are going through physical and emotional change. But you do not have to make these unpleasant feelings cause you to relapse. Just go about your life anyway. In time, the discomfort will pass and you will have made it through clean and sober. Even if you have been clean for a long time, Life may challenge you and you may have to go through discomfort again while you adjust to the new challenge.


Don't run from bad feelings. Keep connecting to your personal Higher Power (Higher Power can be anything that restores you to sanity without hurting yourself or others) and practicing the recovery philosophy that works like eliminating resentment, being grateful, having perspective, making amends, and loving yourself and others. You can live with the discomfort because it is born from positive change. Soon you will feel FANTASTIC!

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