Me, me, me, like an opera singer

The first time I walked into an AA meeting, I thought everyone was staring at me. Come to think of it, wherever I went, it was all about me. Someone else could be dying in the hospital and I was worried about how that affected me. Sobriety requires us to focus less about ourselves and our rights. Sobriety asks us to just deal positively with the experience. When we simply live the experience without making it all about me, we avoid "pity parties" or "egocentric grandiosity" which used to lead us to use. Once we rebalance our ego, we will lose frustration, fear, anger, and resentment because we won't be so obsessed with what happened, what is happening, or what will be happening to the almighty ME. We will change into a more relaxed person as we gain humility. Consequently we do not need to escape the pain of self pity and frustration because we are not getting MY way.



Live each experience today without making yourself or your rights and desires the focus. If you feel like using because you are not getting your way, remember that life is not all about you. Then call someone and see if you can help them.

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