First Thought Wrong

If you are having an urge to use or you are having a sudden bad feeling, don't react. Never trust your first thought because it usually is wrong. Always test your first thought by thinking of its consequences (good and bad) and always think of possible alternative thoughts before you act. Especially with addicts, our first thoughts tend to be harmful to ourselves and others. For example, usually our first thought when feeling stressed, angry, helpless or some other negative emotion is to lash out, withdraw, or escape by picking up our first drug of choice. This just causes more conflict, stress, anger and resentment. Our first thought might tell us to use another drug or kind of drink to substitute for our drug of choice but this will just cause more addictive consequences. We consequently regret acting upon our first thoughts. Acting upon our first thought is called a reaction. In recovery, we learn to "act upon", not react, and this makes our lives easier. When our lives are easier, we don't want to act out to avoid life so we stay sober and we make better decisions.


Move on to the second thought. Seek counsel from others.