If the cure works, chances are you have the disease

If you are considering relapsing or stopping going to meetings, ask yourself if your life is better since you stopped using and started going to 12 step meetings. One example is a patient I'll call Ed. He wasn't sure if he had a gambling issue. Sure he lost money, but he was still able to buy the kids groceries. Even though he had an executive position and made $80,000.00 per year, his hundred thousand dollars in debt was growing. But he still would show up in time to kiss the kids goodnight except for Mondays and Thursdays which were his poker nights so he concluded, "I really don't think I have a problem." Ed finally went to Gamblers Anonymous and practiced its 12 steps and stopped gambling altogether. His debt shrunk and he was able to always be there for his children. Ed saw that the "cure" worked so he was able to finally accept that he was a gambling addict.


If you have doubts but have found that drinking, drugs or other addictive behaviors have interfered with your life, try abstaining and going to ten 12 step meetings. If you have been going to meetings, ask yourself if you have gotten into the same predicaments you got into before working a recovery program.