To change how you feel, you must change how you think and act

This is the point of this App. By clicking on a message, you are choosing to change how you think and act. This in turn will change how you feel. If I am resentful, I must think about resentment in a different way. Instead of bathing in it and feeling worse and worse, I must think about getting out of that bath and substituting resentment with empathy and forgiveness. But this change of thinking is only the beginning. I must combine my change of thinking with a new action whenever I begin to feel resentment. That new action may be doing something FUN. I like playing the guitar even though I'm lousy at it. I am blessed to have a puppy. 


To stay sober, we must change our thoughts and actions so that the feelings which used to drive us to use can't control us. So keep using this App and keep doing a strong recovery program. Good for you!