Don't react! Act upon.

You have just received an email which is insulting, inaccurate, and has caused your blood pressure to elevate such that you actually feel your chest twitching. You are in shock. You click reply. Although you think you are citing facts and being rational, you don't proofread your reply because you want to get it out of your mind and off to the offender immediately. What is the result? A day or two (after you have completely alienated the other person), you shake your head and say "I did it again…I wish I had never sent that email."  It is ALWAYS advisable to wait until anger subsides before you respond to anything. When you are angry, you cannot fashion a response that fully accounts for all of the relevant factors. When you feel insulted, you cannot account for who you are responding to (is it a boss, friend, colleague, spouse). You can't exercise empathy and understanding. You can't even look at the facts objectively. Even if someone says something that provokes you, you can say "I'll respond to that later."


Wait until the anger and shock passes. When compelled to do something, don't. Be patient and follow a knee jerk reaction through to its bitter end. Before responding, consider the status of who you are responding to. Remember that we have often harmed others as a result of our addiction, so remember our amends and empathy. You will calm down eventually so long as you do not act out by using, drinking or turning to an addictive behavior. If you use, you will be out of control and unable to "act upon."