If you can't see God, first remember he's not in your mirror

This proverb reminds us that we are not in charge of everybody and everything, including our recovery and life. We must turn our life and will over to the care of a Higher Effective Loving Power (H.E.L.P.). This "turning over" simply means that you are going to follow suggestions which work to keep you sober. We cannot continue to run the show because by running the show, we got ourselves in trouble. By running the show, we became under the control of drugs and other addictive behaviors. My ego is the problem if I start playing God. Part of being sober is reducing that ego.


Today I will remember to stop playing God. I will remember that I am not in charge. I will enjoy the relief in recognizing that I do not have to be responsible for everyone and everything. I will humbly follow Good Orderly Direction.