Be gentle with yourself

Would you treat other people as badly as you treat yourself? Would you use the mean words with others that you direct at yourself? Would you be as hard and demanding on others as you are with yourself? Would you hold others up to the standards that you set for yourself? Do you ever call yourself a loser, worthless, a failure? Do you often feel guilty or ashamed? Recovery teaches us that we have a disease and that we should not be ashamed of having it. Recovery teaches us it is not our fault that we have this disease. We are not losers; we are not evil; we are not weak willed. It is wrong and harmful for us to beat up on ourselves because we have this disease. It is even wrong and harmful for us to beat ourselves up for suffering the consequences of this disease. It is wrong and harmful for us to continually blame ourselves for the harm we have done others and because we make mistakes. We must use gentle encouraging words when we talk to ourselves as we slowly progress in recovery. We must learn to be on our own side.


Tell yourself you are not a bad person. Tell yourself you are not weak. Tell yourself you have a disease and you are doing good footwork by using this app and staying in recovery. Cut out mean language when you think about yourself. Forgive yourself not as an excuse to use but as a means to breathe easy, relax, and enjoy your sobriety.