Surrender to Win

PERSON WHO JUST QUIT USING: "I don't feel like I need to try to connect with others in recovery for support or get any help or try a new way of dealing with my addiction. I think I can stay clean and sober by just staying busy."

PERSON WITH 31 YEARS CLEAN AND SOBER: "Staying busy will only work for awhile. Sooner or later we need to change the person we were or else we will use again. That is why we need treatment and ongoing support. I am clean and sober for many years and I feel free - and it's easy to stay clean and sober because I am not fighting to stay so. I have surrendered to the fact that I have a disease, and I keep following the SoberTool method because I don't want to take a chance at relapsing. I see so many people in this forum say they are fighting to stay sober and eventually they relapse because the fight is miserable...because addiction is always stronger than the addict without support, but not stronger than the addict who has DAILY HELP."

PERSON WHO JUST QUIT USING: "How do you start? I'm sure it's different for everyone."



PERSON WITH 31 YEARS CLEAN AND SOBER: "Good question!  Like alot of things, when I was drinking and drugging, I OVERCOMPLICATED everything. I attached DRAMA and SELFCONSCIOUSNESS and FALSE PRECONCEPTIONS and FEAR to trying new things. I had endless MENTAL COMMITTEE meetings that paralyzed me. All of this amounted to my disease of addiction trying to keep me using. My disease of addiction knew how to talk in a very persuasive voice to me. SO TO FINALLY ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: the answer is uber simple: Post your question on the SoberTool Forum and see what advice you get. There is a wide range of help available for you based on your individual situation - from professional help to recovery meetings. Don't let your addictive voice interfere with lies like: "the World will find out I'm a worthless drunk" or "Everyone will hate me" or "I can stay sober all by myself" or "I just know I will disagree with what anyone suggests" or whatever other LIES  your addictive voice will come up with.  H.O.W. stands for Honesty, Openmindedness, and Willingness. That's what you need to be to get well. Care about you!