Change anger to gratitude

My friend left his car in my driveway where no one ever parks, and I backed into it. I was immediately angry at him. Instead of letting that anger build and ruin my day, I thought of reasons to be grateful for him. I remembered the great idea he came up with to save me money. I remembered how supportive he had been over the years. As I consciously told myself reasons to be grateful for him, my anger dissipated and I actually relaxed and felt happy. If you can't think of a reason to be grateful for something that the offending person did for you, focus on the fact that the person's mistake has given you the opportunity to practice good character attributes like patience, forgiveness, and understanding. Remember that we develop character from tough times, not easy times. This practice will help improve your personality and make it easier the next time someone interferes with your rights.


Has anyone caused you to feel resentful? Think of something you are grateful for about that person, even if it's just that he or she has given you an opportunity to grow. You are doing great by switching your attitude. Good for you!