Get in the middle of the bed

You can avoid slipping if you are in the middle. To get in the middle of the bed, start by getting a Sponsor and working the 12 steps to the best of your ability. Showi up early to meetings and help with set up. Help do the coffee. Help set up the chairs. After the meeting, join in with cleaning up. Help empty trash bags and clean the coffee maker. The next step to getting in the middle of the bed is to volunteer to lead set up and clean up. Another way to get in the middle of the bed is to REALLY LISTEN HARD at meetings. Give a smile to someone. Shake a new person's hand. When we start acting a new way, our thoughts and feelings will follow. If you are online, during a zoom meeting, perhaps send an encouraging chat to someone who seems to be struggling or a new person. Perhaps offer your contact information in case the struggling person  or new person wants to reach out after the meeting for help. Regularly post and reply to posts in the SoberTool forum. Don't be the first to leave and the last to show up. If you start helping orchestrate the meeting, you will push yourself further from the first drink. If you are having a craving to use now, call someone and then concentrate on getting to the next available meeting as soon as possible to join in the set up.


Today, I refuse to go about my recovery in a lackadaisical way. I will get in the middle of recovery so I don't slip into relapse.