Our EGO is an illusion so why let it bother us?

How many times do we feel sad, hurt or even worthless because our ego is pierced? EGO pain can be caused by not having as expensive clothes as our friends at a party, or not having our children be as good a student as our neighbor's children, or not having as pretty a garden as our friends have, or not being as tall as our brother, or blah blah blah blah. Our EGO is built from self imposed rules that we mistakenly believe we need to survive. It is a phantom which primarily generates fear rather than the intended security. It also causes us to feel guilty or ashamed because it lies to us by telling us that we should be able to control the DISEASE of addiction by willpower alone. This lie has led countless alcoholics and addicts to their graves.


List what hurts your ego and then tear up the list to free yourself. To create the list, ask yourself if what hurts comes from things you use to measure your self worth or from things that really matter (like having enough food, shelter, or genuinely peaceful times). You are worthwhile just because you are you, and we love you!