Harriet Tubman said, "I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if they had known they were slaves."  

A typical, garden variety alcoholic says. "I never thought I had a problem with the alcohol.

At first I did not drink every day, only weekends ...

I drank only at the end of the day ...

I could go days, weeks and months without drinking ...

I thought that being without a drink for a few days was irrefutable proof that I was not an alcoholic.

Progressively the weekends extended to a few days during the week; drinking only at the end of the day was extended to a few hours earlier ...

Eventually, the drink which was supposed to help me lose shyness became like the movie "A Drink in Hell."

Today I clearly understand why alcoholism is the Disease of yet and denial.

My Sponsor once said, "It's not just the drink frequency, but what the drink does to you."  If when you drink, even at infrequent intervals of weeks or months, if you lose control, then there is a problem.

Unfortunately, for me, I did not realize I was a slave to alcohol until I was totally out of control, drinking morning, afternoon, night, and dawn.

Today I fully understand why it is the disease of the YET!

We are together!"


If you are thinking about using, tell yourself "I DO NOT WANT TO BE A SLAVE!" It may be uncomfortable to not use, but it is initially uncomfortable for any newly freed slave. That discomfort passes to a new freedom and a new happiness, especially if we keep sharing our freedom with others. Today's mantra: acceptance not denial. if you are thinking about picking p a drink, drug or otherwise giving in to any addiction, think about how you gradually lost control when you were using.