You can't save your ass and your face

Sometimes you have to let all those ego defenses down. You have to stop being afraid of what other people think about you. You may also have to stop blaming others and finally take an honest look at yourself - without beating yourself up but with the goal of trying to help yourself. If you want to save your life, you may have to admit that your alcohol, drug use, etc. is out of control. If you want to feel better today, you may have to admit that people, places, and things are not the problem, but rather how you respond to them is the problem. 


Today, I refuse to make lame excuses to protect my sensitive ego. No more saying it is someone else's fault. Today I will honestly look at myself. The goal of sobriety is to be “happy joyous and free.” The only way I can get there is to change me, not them.  Today I will not worry about saving face, rather I will save my ass! This process of change helps me whether I am new or experienced with sobriety.