Try to remember what bothered you a week ago. If you can't, should you let what's bothering you now make you relapse?

Is what's bothering you interfering with your life? You probably will forget it, but you probably won't forget it if you let it make you drink, eat, drug, spend hours on the internet, ruin your sleep, make you lose interest in things you used to enjoy, and otherwise ruin your day. Most times, it is the initial shock that hurts when we are confronted with an issue. Often, it is a little thing that starts us spiraling downward. It is important not to "sweat the small stuff." It is important to nip bad feelings in the bud.             


Ask yourself, "What is your biggest fear?" Now ask yourself, "What is the most likely outcome?" Is the likely outcome what you have been thinking will happen or have you been thinking catastrophically? Usually the likely outcome is not as bad you think. If you are still worried, try sharing your fear with a friend, journaling, deep breathing and more. Writing down something that bothers you and throwing it in the trash might help. Don't sweep your problems under the rug, deal with them one at a time. But there is a time to forget about them. Writing down 5 things you are grateful for (like being able to walk, living in a safe place, having food, etc.) may change your attitude.