Worry doesn't change the outcome, it just makes you feel bad in the meantime.

Being worried is a waste of energy. It makes us suffer before we even know if there is any reason to suffer. It doubles the pain if something happens we don't like. It causes us to over prepare for bad outcomes when we don't need to. It just plain feels bad. It can make you want to use. Worry or anxiety are fancy words for fear that something you want won't work out. The negatives of worry far outweigh any positives. Even if something bad is likely to happen,  there is NO POINT in suffering before it happens. 


Catastrophizing is thinking the absolute worst will happen. It is the foundation of worry. Ask yourself if what you are catastrophyzing about is even a possiblity.  The answer is probably not. Then write down more realistic outcomes. Look at worry and catastrophizing as a waste of time and energy, then focus on doing the next right thing in front of you. If possible, help someone else to take the focus off of you. 


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