The Problem is Not the Problem

There is a maxim that says "The Problem is not the problem, the Problem is the way you react to the Problem."

Although I share in grieving the losses caused by the Pandemic, I also see this Pandemic as an opportunity to review our values ​​and to seek  a profound, transformative, sobriety enhancing WISDOM. For example, it is forcing me to

remove my illusion of permanence,
appreciate evolution,
understand what is truly important,
dissolve harmful attachments,
enlarge my vision of humanity,
gain humility,
open my heart,
reassess my priorities,

explore new opportunities and technologies,
give more importance to life,

appreciate family and friends,

get me out of my doldrums,

appreciate simplicity,

be more creative,

appreciate art and music,

live less wastefully,

vent emotions without drugging,

reach a new paradigm,

use the Light for peace,
be more faithful to overcome fear,

use household items more efficiently,

take more time to interact with others,

not take sporting events for granted,

be more grateful for fundamental necessities,

celebrate the healing of our environment from harmful emissions,

heighten my sense of perspective,

live with more flexibility,

give less importance to materialism,

accept my powerlessness over people and nature more deeply,

enjoy the adventure of living, and
heighten my love for humanity,

I heard it said at an AA meeting:
"We will love you until you learn to love yourself again."

In my opinion, The great opportunity that the Highest Power is giving us at this moment is to relearn LOVE.

"A lot of soul in this hour."

Peace and Light


Be not discouraged! THIS TOO WILL PASS! It's just a matter of time. In the meantime, don't let any pandemic drive you into FEAR. Instead react with positive, faithful wisdom. Without denying any heartfelt grief, take a moment and focus entirely on some positivity this pandemic is revealing in your life. Find your GOOD PURPOSE by meditating and asking your Higher Power or your Higher Self or your Rational Self how you can serve your GOOD PURPOSE.  Begin by doing honest, pure, unselfish, loving acts in each moment. Can you add to the list of positive things the pandemic is forcing you to experience?