Resentment is like drinking poison expecting that the other person will die

The person we resent probably isn't thinking about that resentment. We are not hurting him. But we are hurting ourselves by carrying that negative baggage. The Big Book says resentment is the "number one offender."  It causes stress, spiritual bankruptcy, emotional paralysis, and relapse. We need to change from resentful people to forgiving people. In cases where we seek justice or act in self defense, resentment only serves to cloud our judgment and interfere with our ability to act effectively. At the end of the day, in all situations, resentment only hurts the resenter. 


Today I will remember to let go of resentment because it is like drinking poison.  Letting go of resentment can be accomplished in various ways. Sometimes forgiveness and understanding help to relieve resentment. Sometimes perspective and a sense of humor help. Sometimes praying for the other person's healing or well being helps. Sometimes I need to seek guidance from a mentor, sponsor or therapist for assistance in finding the right way to let go of resentment. Today, I will also remember that if I choose to seek justice, act in self defense, or create a healthy boundary, I will do so only if motivated by love, purity, unselfishness and honesty, rather than resentment.   

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