Sometimes it takes a storm to see how much time has been wasted worrying about the squalls.

The pandemic of 2020! The Great Famine of 1845! The Great Depressions of 1929 and 2008! Hurricanes and War! During these crises, our attention seems to be diverted from our petty indifferences and oversensitivities. Crises can serve as a reminder to not let little things shock, overwhelm, or stress us out. Crises remind us to have perspective and to not "sweat the small stuff."  This reminder is important to sobriety because it's the little things that usually make us relapse like what somebody says about our physique, or losing a game of monopoly, or not getting the very best deal.


Keep remembering all things pass. Both storms and squalls end eventually. Don't let them ruin your sobriety. Forget about the little things that bother you because if you let them add up, they will seem like a storm. Part of keeping things small involves remembering how grateful you are to have survived the crises in your life. Another way is to try to remember what was bothering you a week ago. Usually you can't. Keep perspective by asking yourself: "How important is it really?" Think about a real storm that occurred in your life (like the disaster that may have motivated you to get clean and sober) and compare  it to the insignificant things you allow to bother you. Whatever the size of the problem, don't hesitate to ask for help particularly if you feel like it is sobriety threatening.