H.O.W. stands for Honesty, Openmindedness, and Willingness

So how do I - someone who has hit bottom (which means someone who does not know how to stop using) - stop using? How? "H" stands for honesty. Honesty to oneself means admitting that you don’t know how to stop. Honesty means seeing when you are lying. Honesty means seeing at that moment when you have your drug - that you are lying when you say it will be different this time. Honesty is admitting that your excuse to use your drug is insane. "O" stands for openmindedness. Openmindedness means discarding what you think will keep you sober and following what someone else says will keep you sober. "W" stands for willingness. You must be absolutely desirous to stay sober. That is HOW you begin to not pick up the first drink.


Recalling your past "use" history, ask yourself if you are being honest with yourself if you think you can safely pick up a drink, drug or other addictive behavior. If you answer no or maybe, become open to help and call someone in recovery and do what that person says.