Money is just a bunch of dead Presidents on dirty paper

Money can't get you sober. Money actually allows addicts to keep using. Wealthy addicts are often far more difficult to  help than poor addicts - just because they think their money means they can't be addicts. When I hear an addict sadly say "Alcohol has taken my last cent," I typically reply "You're lucky…that's probably good for your sobriety."  The most common excuse for continuing to use I hear is "I'm still working…I'm still making money."  A precipitous fall occurs when one cannot work or have money due to addiction. That fall is to hospitals, jail, or death.


Don't use money, whether you have a lot of it or a little of it, as an excuse to use. Also, don't think that you are cured of this disease just because you are now able to make money because you are sober. Don't let money interfere with humbly working the 12 steps. AA is right for you because you don't need money to attend AA. Also, money or material status is not relevant to AA.