GOD stands for Group of Drunks

"G.O.D. stands for group of drunks (in recovery)."

Recovery steps rarely say "I." They usually say "We." That's because an alcoholic or addict can't stay clean and sober doing it alone. Probably, the first Higher Power for most recovering alcoholics is the group. After my last drunk, I stayed dry for thirty days. My motivation was sheer hatred for the bottle. It was a lover that had stabbed me in the back. I was miserable until I went to an AA meeting. There I found thirty other people who had the same disease. I was no longer alone. The strength of the group started me on the road to sobriety. It was my first Higher Power for purposes of recovery. Although I have come to believe in another Higher Power that walks with me throughout the day, the group still teaches me, gives me the opportunity to share, and helps keep me from picking up the first drink.


Today, get to a recovery meeting. Also visit the SoberTool Forum.  If you can't, at least call someone in recovery. Fellowship is important today. If you are new and want to find a meeting, google your town and the type of meeting that may be appropriate for you. To name a few: narcotics anonymous, overeaters anonymous, sex and love addicts anonymous, etc.