My Disease is in the parking lot doing pushups

The nature of the disease of addiction is that it gets stronger even when not using. That's why someone who picks up a drug after a period of sobriety usually has such prompt dire consequences. The reason someone thinks of picking up a drug is because of a trigger, like stress or bitterness. Someone may also be in denial after a period of sobriety, thinking that there is no longer a problem or that no problem really ever existed. This denial causes the addict to think that fellowship is no longer necessary. That is why it is so important to talk to someone if you start questioning whether or not you are an addict so that you can be reminded of where your drug use took you.


It is important to do a loving, unselfish action as soon as possible. Connection with a recovering person is necessary. Remember sobriety is a daily reprieve and that you do need to keep up with your recovery regimen.

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