Give time time.

Eventually it will all work out. I need to be less impatient. Problems either resolve, dissolve or are solved. Letting problems destroy our serenity is letting something temporary beat us. It is so important for us to quickly accept life on life's terms and find out what we can change about ourselves before we try to change problems. I used to think I was the only person on Earth who had problems. In recovery, I have learned that everyone has them and that they are often good because they create growth opportunities. I do not fear problems when I am working a good recovery program. If I am letting a character defect like anger or impatience motivate me to fix a problem, I need to get rid of the character defect before I address the problem. To rid myself of character defects, I have many tools such as sharing my feelings with someone else, making a gratitude list, keeping perspective, taking a ride in my car, walking my dog, or sometimes just giving time time. Sometimes I need to remember to not DWELL on the problem and just move on and take care of a different problem. With time, sometimes a problem that I have judged as being bad actually turns out to be of some benefit.


Right now I am going to change me before I change the World knowing that problems that seem so overwhelming now will dissipate and that I can best deal with them if I don't let a character defect influence my actions.