Hello, I'm an Alcoholic and my problem is Me

The Big Book says, "Our liquor was but a symptom." The disease is in me, and how I deal with me dictates whether the disease kills me or not. I am the obstacle. My character defects (fears and resentments), my ego and my selfishness are the parts of me that treatment must fix or I will drink or drug. I can't stay sober or fix me by myself because I am the problem. So I need help. 


Never forget who the main problem is. It's not others. It's not the circumstances.  It's me and my attitude. I must be in a good state of mind before I deal with other issues.  Sometimes the problem is solved if I just eat something, or get some rest, or exercise, or find a healthy way to vent anger, or connect with someone else to alleviate loneliness. Today I will start my day, or start this day over, by connecting to a power greater than myself to keep me sane and sober. That power can be a recovery Sponsor or mentor, group support, a recovery reading, an online forum, a loving force, or better yet all of the same.