Watch out for Pink Clouds

One of the many benefits of being clean and sober is the GREAT FEELING you will have. This elation is sometimes referred to as the PINK CLOUD! It happens at different times for different people. Sometimes it happens soon after sobriety, somes a bit later. ENJOY IT. Just don't let it make you think you are cured so that you can pick up a drink or drug safely. Know that you may come down from the pink cloud and that's OK. In other words, you may feel down again after experiencing the pink cloud, but that is perfectly normal. Don't let that make you think your recovery program is failing. Stick with it. Staying sober means that we are going to experience a range of human emotions and we don't have to drink, drug or act out to hide from these feelings.


Today, I will enjoy any pink clouds and I will not fear coming down from them because I know I will land on my feet so long as I stick with my recovery program.