Turn Resentment Into Spinach

People can treat you like dirt, but you are not dirt. I look at challenging people like I look at spinach. I don't like spinach, but I don't get angry at spinach. I simply don't like spinach because I find it's taste to be disagreeable. Nevertheless, sometimes I eat spinach for the health benefits. Anyone remember the cartoon character, Popeye? He was famous for eating spinach to get those eye popping muscles. When I look at mean people like spinach, mean people don't bother me. They may be distasteful, but they give me character muscles!  The more character I have, the further away I am from becoming like them...and the further away I am from a drink or drug.


Today my attitude about mean people will change from hatred to distaste. I will look at them like spinach, grateful that they help me to develop character muscles which push me further from a drink or drug. I refuse to treat them with unkindness because that would make me like them.