I have this overwhelming sense of well being; it's a bit troubling

When is the other shoe going to drop? When things seem to be going well, many tend to fear that it will end with a smack. It's like the old saying, "I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I just hope it's not a train." One key to surviving good times is to stay in the now and not worry about tomorrow. Another key is to make plans knowing that we cannot make results. Yet another is to substitute fear with hope.



Today, I will have faith that our Higher Power did not throw us a life float to later let us drown. I will try not to project into the future with all its uncertainty. But if I do look to the future, I will do so with optimism.  I will keep doing what works to give me good times i.e. prayer, meetings, 12 steps. Just because it works, I won't don't stop doing it. I will also try to help someone else by sharing the SoberTool mobile app by encouraging someone else to click on one of the following links: