Stopping drinking is the master password, but it is not enough.

The emotional reconstruction from behaviors that led me to decay occurs day by day. The breaking of bad behavior patterns brings me more and more Serenity. The meetings have been very important, because through them I always remember that I have an incurable disease and it leaves me alert as to the return of old patterns. I can only tell you that you will gain day by day what you never imagined. It's slow, not easy, but it's worth it. It is often said that in the recovery meeting, the disease goes out through the mouth and the medicine enters through the ear. And this has kept me sober, just for today.


I need to keep going to recovery meetings simply because if I stop going, I will forget the hell that results from my picking up the first drink or drug. Today I will remember that the person I was will drink and use again. I will not fear changing myself and how I respond to people, places and situations.