The sailor who has been in the dark is the best guide for other sailors

Today I am grateful to be in recovery because I am uniquely able to help other recovering addicts.  Had I not been an addict I would never have been so useful. I have a tremendous meaning in life that I could not find before I got into recovery. I have a purpose. I can identify with other addicts and can model better behavior for them.  I will never have to be bored or lonely because I can always find someone to help by showing up at a recovery meeting. I can give it away to keep it.  Because of the principles I have learned at meetings, I have also developed patience, tolerance, and other characteristics which I use to help anyone (not just alcoholics and addicts). By treating others with love and compassion, most of them respond to me better thereby improving my life.      


No matter how long you have been in recovery, you are uniquely able to help others where you could not before. No one can help another addict like a recovering addict can. No matter what you have done in the past, you now have a tremendous meaning in life. Even if you are one day clean and sober, your act of faith in the recovery program inspires people who have been in recovery for a long time. As you show up to recovery meetings, you will get more recovery principles which you can pass along to others. Today I will make it a point to find someone to help not only because I am uniquely able to do so but also because helping others gets me out of the selfishness and stinking thinking which can ruin my life.