What has no solution, is solved

Deal with the past by looking at it with love and giving value for learning from it. Then let it go. Stay in the present moment. Often people, places, and things cannot be fixed, changed or controlled. The things we can change are how we treat our addiction. Do we try the solutions that did not work in the past, like stuffing our feelings, manipulating others, lying, hiding, switching drinks, geographical cures, switching jobs? Or do we accept that we have a disease like cancer or diabetes that requires abstinence and implementation of daily recovery principles?


So grateful I am to be clean and sober! Today I will not mess up my serenity by wracking my brain trying to solve an unsolvable problem. I will ACCEPT that I don't have all the answers, cannot control others, have a disease and get help. Sometimes the treatment is counseling and 12 step meetings. Sometimes the treatment is sharing a character defect with my Sponsor to relieve the pain that the character defect causes.   

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