Fake it til you make it

So you're asking me to turn my life and will over to a Higher Power? Yes! That Higher Power can be a recovery meeting.  It can be having enough faith to honestly try LEARNING and PRACTICING the 12 steps. You must have faith in the program of recovery, even if you don't understand it. Start by just showing up. Go through the motions even if you don't believe in it. Don't find reasons to disagree with its principles. Don't let your preconceptions dissuade you. Overlook distractions. Remember your GOAL is to stay SOBER. 12 step programs have worked for millions worldwide, and the latest research from Harvard and Stanford indicate that it is the most effective recovery program. So at least give it a try. Put your heart into it.  You get good at what you put your HEART into and what you daily PRACTICE. You will see the results if you keep at it.


Don't worry what you BELIEVE right now, just try DOING recovery. If you make your primary goal to be the BEST 12 step program member, you WILL stay clean and sober.


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