The Pink Cloud

People in early recovery experience something called the "Pink Cloud." Despite facing a life reconstruction project of epic proportions we suddenly find ourselves feeling mildly euphoric. While this state is temporary, it feels like heaven on earth compared to the alternative. The pink cloud is similar to the life raft passengers of a sinking ship board moments before it slips under the surface of the icy water. Compared to the dying vessel and certain death, the life raft seems like an incomparable blessing, even paradise. However, after drifting aimlessly in the raft with no tropical islands, spotter planes, or rescue ships in sight, the raft begins to lose it's charm. A steadily increasing disenchantment exacerbated by dehydration, circling sharks, lurking pirates, and the occasional rogue wave. What initially seemed like paradise is slowly transformed into something akin to Hell on the high seas. Luckily, the phase is temporary too. Attending meetings and working the twelve steps with a sponsor will eventually reveal a tropical island on the horizon of our recovery that lifts sagging spirits and gives dwindling hope new life.


Today I am not going to despair if I am experiencing emotional ups and downs. If I feel like I am coming down, I am going to simply recommit to living the 12 steps to keep an even keel.