"Everything is Broken" - Bob Dylan

Say "Everything is broken and that's O.K." when you are discouraged about things being imperfect in your life. Remember that there will always be, for everyone, something wrong or imperfect. It's an impossibility to have everything right in your life. If you are waiting for everything to be right in your life before you allow yourself to be happy or at peace, you are never going to be happy or at peace.

Money can't do it. Rich people are not immune to broken faucets, fraudulent sales pitches, diseases, etc. Often managing money and things causes more difficulties than predicted.

Healthy people have broken lives too. Computers break, roofs leak. Children and parents hurt.

Recovery teaches us to be at peace even though everything (and everyone) is broken. The longer we are in recovery, the less the broken things get us into trouble.


Tell yourself: "Everything is broken, but if I stay clean and sober, the broken things won't be an interference to the basic necessities of my life."

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