I'm not much but I'm all I got

If you think you weren't that bad when you were using your drug of choice, think about how lonely you were when you were using. Remember how you felt terminally unique, like you were the only one who had an addiction problem. Remember how you only relied on yourself because your outsized ego would not allow you to share your feelings honestly with anyone, with the results being that you dug deeper and deeper into addiction and its horrible consequences.  Remember how grateful you are now that you have true friends and not just using buddies. These using buddies would only spend time with you if you were using. Remember how your family would try to tolerate you rather than enjoying you. Remember how you were only out for yourself. Keep going to meetings and living the 12 steps because this is a chronic disease and you don't want to go back to the way you were when you were a practicing addict.


Do you really want to be alone again? Do you want to be a problem to others? Do you really want to be all you've got? Don't pick up that first drink, drug or addictive behavior. If you have been relapsing, ask a qualified healthcare professional what you should do to stay sober. If you are feeling lonely, call a friend, read or do some activity that takes your mind off of your loneliness. You can feel better without resorting to drugs.