If your brain says go east, go west.

Our thinking and our will can get us in trouble. Don't listen to your first thought. Don't react. Our unguided will is what tells us to pick up the first drink or drug. Think of all the times you made an unguided decision and it eventually led you to drink, drug or otherwise act out. Better to let your ego take a break and humbly ask for guidance on what to do next. Better to follow your thinking through to its bitter end and patiently look to do something consistent with the four absolutes (honesty, purity, unselfishness, and love.)



Do your Higher Power's will. Read the third step. Your Higher Power can be the 12 steps, the four absolutes, the Group, a religious God, Nature, a dog, a child, a sick parent, or any combination of anything that restores you to sanity and gives you freedom from the obsession of addiction). Sometimes my Higher Power is the act of calling someone when I have a craving to relapse.