Keep putting the plug back in the socket.


We are either connected or disconnected to our Higher Power (your recovery program that keeps you sober). When we're connected, we're heading in the right direction. We feel good. When we're disconnected, we're not.

How do we disconnect? Our lust for security and power typically cause us to disconnect. When we are seeking security and power, our selfishness overwhelms us. Our selfishness causes us to fear the brokers, doctors, contractors, news shows, money issues, health issues, family responsibilities, etc.

How do we put the plug back in the socket to reconnect?  We simply do step 3 by turning our life and will over to the care of our Higher Power. We then tend to return to a state of love, gratitude, good humor, acceptance, and harmony with life. We then stop trying to over control situations. We do what we can, then we let go of results. We actually have to accept being unable to be responsible for everything. Like a guitar that naturally falls out of tune, we need to be retuned to stay connected to the force which is keeping us sober. Momentarily disconnecting is not a reason to relapse. It is a reason to reconnect.



It is natural for the plug to fall out of the socket. Don't despair about that. The key is to plug it back in. One way to reconnect is to do a loving act like reaching out to a lonely person. This act will reduce our loneliness and reconnect us with our loving Higher Power: our recovery program.