Move one foot down from your brain.

Get out of your head and into your heart. We alcoholics and addicts spend too much time manipulating, rationalizing, minimizing, worrying, intellectualizing, and trying to feel good by using our brains and not our hearts. All of this brain usage tends to fuel relapse. It's better to trust your heart, that sense which is guided by morality, compromise, justice, and common sense. This does not mean we completely ignore your intellect. Rater, it is an awareness that your brain tends to create ego defenses. Your heart creates the humility which is necessary for sobriety. Recovery takes little intellectual energy. The key is to humbly do what is suggested and to stay spiritually connected. Spiritual connection does not mean you have to be theistic or religious. Spiritual connection includes attendance at recovery meetings; practice of spiritual principles like honesty, purity, unselfishness, and love; helping others; and that which restores you to balance. 


I've never known anyone too stupid for recovery, but I have known people who try to outsmart addiction and fail miserably. So let your heart lead you to follow good recovery advice today. Move one foot down from your brain and feel the freedom!