The tow truck driver was kind.

Oh no! The other car wiped out my entire right side of my car. My right arm might be broken. The tow truck arrives. The tow truck driver gets out, looks in my eyes and gives me a gentle smile. He says, "It'll work out."  Some good things are going to happen to you today. Even during the midst of turmoil, look for the little good things. They may not be many. They may take a little effort to find. But they are there. There were a few good things that happened yesterday. Addicts and alcoholics tend to be pessimistic or grandiose. Things are too bad or things are too good. We need to keep an even keel to stay sober. If you are feeling sad or that bad things are piling up, remember some good things are happening. The key is to notice them.


Tempered with low expectations, start each day knowing good things will happen.


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