You don't have to name your God

Alcoholics and addicts tend to have mental committee meetings. As soon as we feel we know something, we debate that knowledge in our own minds. It seems two people live in our brains: the faithful person and the doubter. As soon as the faithful one says something, the doubter (who wants us to relapse) tells us the opposite. One issue that plagues alcoholics and addicts is the image or name of one's Higher Power. As soon as we resolve what God is to us, the doubter tries to convince us that we are wrong. This conflict can cause craving. The key to end this debate is to give up on an exact image or "name" for you Higher Power. Peace results when we surrender to our conflicting selves and be still and just know that we are at peace without compulsions or a restless brain. That feeling can be our Higher Power in the moment. Of course, if it helps you to name your God, then that's great too. The 12 steps emphasize that the Higher Power that keeps us sober is the Higher Power of "our own understanding."



Stop the mental quibbling about a name and image for your Higher Power and take a deep breath and you will know peace from craving and ill will.