It doesn't matter who is right, it matters who is - left

"In recovery, it doesn't matter who is right, it matters who is – left."

Sometimes when we take ourselves too seriously, other people's  inability to understand us or our opinions cause us frustration and even resentment. Sometimes we feel like it is more important to be correct philosophically, than it is to be open to trying a new philosophy that might keep us sober. In recovery, we gradually learn not to let these things bother us so much. We learn to let go of being dependent on convincing others what is right politically or religiously. We let go of the need to have our opinions accepted and followed. In recovery, we learn to keep our eye on the prize. That prize is being a part of a loving group that is staying sober as a team. We learn that we need each other and that it is better to leave our differences aside and help each other. We learn that it is beneficial to try this new way of life and the new philosophy of the 12 steps even though we may not fully understand them or even agree with them. We learn to have faith in the program because we have seen it work in other people's lives. We truly learn that it doesn't matter whose opinion is right, it only matters who stays clean and sober.


Try not to convince anyone today that your opinion matters. You don't need to defend your ego. Just try doing the steps of recovery.

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