Create your own chant

Sometimes the best way to relax is to repeat a few rhythmic phrases over and over again. It is an especially relaxing exercise to come up with the chant with someone else. Recently a stressed client called me and we tried creating such a chant together. I would come up with a line. Then she added another. With some revisions, it gradually grew into the following.

Me: "One foot in front of the other."

She: "Doing it together."

Me: "No fear."

She: "No hate."

Me: "Only goodness in my heart."

Soon, we were chanting this poem together and it was a wonderful experience.



If you are feeling stressed, frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, etc., try calling a close friend in recovery, or a Sponsor, or Sponsee, and come up with a chant together. IF CREATING A CHANT MAKES YOU FEEL EMBARRASSED, JUST LISTEN TO THE TONE OF THE PERSON WHO IS TRYING TO HELP YOU.  APPRECIATE HOW THAT PERSON CARES ABOUT YOU. THIS APPRECIATION MIGHT BE EVEN MORE HELPFUL THAN THE SUBSTANCE OF WHAT THE PERSON IS SAYING. You can also try repeating the following simple chant while perhaps walking or breathing gently: "One foot in front of the other, doing it together, no fear no hate, only goodness in my heart."