Beware of the Pitcher Plant

The pitcher plant is a real plant, that is a tempting, insidious trap for insects. Like the venus flytrap, it loves to eat bugs, particularly flies. As the name implies, it is shaped like a pitcher. Inside the pitcher is sweet, sticky nectar that is delicious and aromatic to flies. They land on the lip of the plant, and soon begin to feast on this amazing delicacy. As the fly eats, a very interesting thing begins to happen. It slowly descends deeper and deeper into the pitcher, legs becoming sticky and belly becoming full. Indeed, the fly may see yet another fly, or several flies, positioned deeper or at the bottom of the pitcher plant. The fly, instead of sensing immediate danger, keeps eating. It probably thinks that it can take flight at any time, and what has happened to the other flies – well, that simply won’t happen to him.



Learn from others' mistakes. It happened to them, so it can happen to you. You are not invincible. A wise person does not have to make mistakes to learn. A wise person can learn from others' mistakes. Don't pick up the first drink or drug thinking that you are immune from suffering the consequences that other alcoholics and addicts experience. YET stands for You Are Eligible Too. Just because it hasn't happened to you yet, does not mean it is not going to happen. You too are elgible to get stuck in the pitcher plant. You too are eligible to end up where all addicts/alcoholics end up: jails, institutions, and death. Also, don't get trapped by the Pitcher Plant of negative thinking. Take warning from the misery that negativity has caused in others. Open your eyes now and see exactly what negative thinking is doing to you. Don't let negative thoughts make you dive deeper into the pitcher plant. Don't let it cause you to lose your sobriety. Especially during turbulent times, a great way to redirect any negative thoughts is to memorize, then repeatedly chant a short, positive poem. Find or create a short poem and then repeat it as you go through your day. It's easier than you think. Here's one: "I am living in the now, peace is in my hand, No future, no past, Love will help me stand." If repeating a short poem doesn’t work for you, simply substitute negativity thinking by doing a positive act like helping someone else or taking a calm breath while visualizing someone you love. You may not be able to create peace in the World, but you can create peace within yourself.